"Global Market Integration and the Creative Economy”澳门大学副教授讲座

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讲者:Rostam Neuwirth,澳门大学法学院副教授



题目:Global Market Integration and the Creative Economy: The Paradox of Industry Convergence and Regulatory Divergence(本次讲座基于讲者已经发表的论文(见附件)同学们提前下载有利于理解,另:本次讲座可打卡



ostam J. NEUWIRTH is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law of University of Macau where he also serves as the Program Coordinator of Master of International Business Law (IBL) in English Language. His research interests include next to WTO and International Economic Law, European Law, and comparative law, various research interests related to the ‘global governance debate’ and the ‘trade linkage debate’, cultural diversity, the creative economy, intellectual property rights, legal theory and the relation between ‘law and society’ as well as law and cognition’ and ‘law and technology’.


He received his PhD degree from the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence (Italy) and also holds a Master’s degree in Law (LL.M.) from the Faculty of Law of McGill University in Montreal (Canada).Prior to his teaching assignments, he worked for two years in the Völkerrechtsbüro (International Law Bureau) (Dept. I.4 (European Law)) of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs in connection with the Austrian EU Presidency in 2006.



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