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Bucerius Law School is Germany’s first law school and maintains its rank as the country’s top institution in this field. Now there are four types of international programs of Bucerius Law School. The language adopted in programs is all English.

The first one is Master of Law and Business (known as LL.M./MLB). This program is from Aug.2015 to Aug.2016, which lasts one year. This fully accredited Master of Law and Business is a unique program for young professionals with the ambition to work in the interdisciplinary fields of law and business. It offers the great opportunity to join an international network of driven professionals from both the business and legal communities. It is a good choice to master a second discipline and broaden perspectives.

The second one is International Exchange Program which will last from Sep. to Dec. 2015. This program opens exclusively to students from Bucerius partner universities, of which the academic focus are International and Comparative Business Law. It is a great choice to obtain a certificate in Management and Leadership for lawyers from German’s leading law school while experiencing the beauty of Hamburg and making friends all over the world.

The third one is Summer Program in International Business Law which begins in Jul.2015. This intensive summer program is a great choice for advanced law students and young professionals wishing to specialize in the field of International Law and gain skills by working in small groups with students from different legal backgrounds. There are chances to meet and work with renowned academics and practitioners from the field of international business law.

The last one is summer program in field of International IP Transactions. This summer program is also in Jul.2015. This program brings together advanced law students and young professionals with experience and an interest in IP law. It’s a unique opportunity to gain exclusive insights into the IP policies and practice of innovative companies during the arranged study visits and test the skills in a licensing workshop. It can be a great opportunity to improve negotiation skills under the guidance of first-class licensing practitioners.

If you want to know more information about the international programs in Bucerius Law School, you can visit the website: http://www.law-school.de/programs

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